This my default everyday backpack for almost everything, not just urbex. With a total capacity of 22 liters (~5.8 gallons), I can take everything I need for standard trip: camera, tripod, flashlight, drinks, snacks and a spare sweatshirt or jacket. It’s also my normal daypack for work and really durable – I’ve been carrying (and throwing) this around for about four years every single day, and it’s still in perfect condition.

It has three main compartments. A big one (I use it for shopping and my sport clothes) and two flat ones. One of the smaller compartments has an even smaller compartment in it, which I thing is meant for laptops. The other one has lots of smaller pockets for stuff like chargers, cables. I use them for my flashlight, pocket knife, spare batteries and so on - it seems like for everything I have, there’s a perfectly sized pocket in there. Finally, there’s another small pocket on the front, where I put the small things I need all the time: headphones, lighter, cigarettes, loose change - you get it.

The shoulder straps are padded and pretty comfortable. The straps and the back of the Deuter Giga Flat have some super hightech technology built-in that makes air go through them. On their website, Deuter has a lot of buzzwords to describe it, but in the end, it simply makes you not sweat at your back, which is good.

There’s really only one downside: according to the manufacturer, you’re not supposed to wash it in the washing machine or the fabric might suffer. For me this isn’t a big problem, because you can just wash it by hand in your bathtub or something, which worked fine when I tried.

Conclusion: Great backpack for everyday life and urban exploration trips, but a little too small for extended trips when you need to carry more/bigger things.

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