The Snugpak Jungle Bag is extremely small (regarding pack size) and light backpack. As the name suggests, it’s meant for use in warm/hot climate. Still, according to the specification, it’s usable at “extreme” temperaturs of down to 2°C (35.6°F). The comfort temperature is stated as 7°C (44.6°F), but I found it still very comfortable at about 5°C (41°F), and I use it from spring through willow. However it seems that I have a relatively high tolerance for low temperatues, compared to most people I know.

When packed, the sleeping bag is only 15x18cm (roughly 5.9x7in) and weighs 850g (~1.8lbs). It’s so small that I once forgot it in my Mission Pack and carried it with me for a couple of days without noticing. I pretty much always have it with me when I leave the town for a trip, even if I don’t plan to stay overnight. You never know, and it’s barely noticable in my backpack anyway.

Oh right, and it has a built-in mosquito net! This was actually the main reason I chose this sleeping bag, because I just hate the thought of having bugs crawl into my mouth when sleeping outside without a tent. I suggest using a stick or something to hold it up though, because the beasts can still sting you if the net is directly on your face. The zippers of the bag and the mosquito net are overlapping to make it absolutely bug-tight. The downside is that it’s somewhat difficult to find the zipper when you’re in the bag and under the mosquito net.

I found the price to really fair. I paid about 40 EUR (~50 USD), which is slightly above the average price of similar sleeping bags. That’s because of the mosquito net, I guess.

I’d recommend this bag pack if you:

  • want to camp in summer or don’t need it too cozy
  • don’t like to accidentally eat or get eaten by bugs
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