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Flashlights probably are the most vital tool for every adventurer exploring abandoned places. The reason is obvious - abandoned places usually don’t have electric lights (anymore). I personally always have my flashlight with me. Even if I don’t plan to do some exploration, I never know what interesting places I discover on my ways.

There’s thousands of different flashlights out there and it can be difficult to find the right illumination device that fits your specific needs. Besides the obvious criteria - battery life, size, brightness - there are some more things to consider that are more specific to urban exploration. Do you do a lot of climbing? Then you probably want a headlamp to keep your hands free. Is there a chance of being spotted by guards or authorities? Consider a flashlight with red or green light, that’s hard to see from the distance.

Hopefully these reviews and experiences help you find the best flashlight for your purposes. As always, please consider helping this project by submitting your own flashlight reviews and share your experiences!

LED Lenser P7.2