Urbex Gear Your Resource for Urban Exploration Equipment

Dear fellow explorer!

This website is meant as a community project and relies on your knowledge and experience! Please help make this website a resource of useful information and equipment reviews for other explorers, both experienced ones and those who are just getting started. If you have a piece of equipment that you found invaluable during your urbex trips, or even want to share your complete packing list, don’t hesitate to send them in!

Here is what this website needs:

Urbex Gear Reviews

Reviews of single items that you’re using (or have used) during urban explorations. Please write about only one item per review and don’t mix things up, so this site stays nice and tidy and everything can be found easily. If you can, use markdown syntax to format your review. If not - no problem, I will try and format your writings as nice as possible. Send an action shot of the item along with your review if you have on, otherwise I will try to find a free-to-use photo on the internet. Important: Please mention a name to show along with your review (can be your real name or any nick), and an email address (if you want your readers to be able to contact you). If you have your own urbex website or blog, include the URL for some link love!

Urbex Loadout

A list of equipment that you usually carry when on an urbex trip. If you have different loadouts for different types of locations or times of the year, you can submit multiple lists of course. Just make sure they have a meaningful title, like “Joe’s winter loadout”, “Jane’s roofing equipment” or “My general purpose loadout”.

How to submit

Currently there’s no dynamic form or anything to submit your reviews. Just send it as an email to submit@urbex-gear.com, I will then manually add your posts to the website. I know this is a bit old-school, but then again, you will get an individual thank-you mail in return!

You should also include the following information in your email:

I will eventually improve the process of adding content, but I have no idea how this project will turn out and if anyone wants to participate and submit content at all. If you want to help make this easier for me, please use markdown to format your review, but if you don’t, I will try my best to make your article look pretty.


I will not alter the content of your submission, but I may add formatting elements like links to reviews (in case of equipment lists), title emphasis, list formatting and so on. I may also turn down submissions in some cases, e.g. inappropriate content (sexual content, violence etc) or when it’s clearly spam or doesn’t have any valuable information for the readers of this website. If you submit a photo, I may resize or crop it as needed to make it fit the website.

In order to get back some of the hosting costs of this website, I may also add affiliate links the reviewed products, so please do not include any affiliate links of your own. I promise, however, not to include noisy ads or anything that may impact the experience of this website (and your content) in any way!

And of course, by sending me your reviews and lists, you agree with these terms and allow me to publish them on this website, so don’t sue me if I do! I will not use your content anywhere else without your permission, and I will remove your submissions if you ask me to.