Disclaimer: This is just a review of a pocket knife, not a recommendation to carry knives during urban exploration. Learn about your local laws regarding carrying knives in public and respect them. Keep in mind that, depending on your local laws, a misdemeanor like (unintended) trespassing might turn into a much more serious offense when you’re carrying a tool that could be used as a weapon.

That being said, I usually carry I pocket knife with me when going to very outdoorsy locations in the woods or wherever. Not that a knife is particularly useful for urban exploration, but a good outdoor knife is always handy. My favorite for this kind of trip is the CRKT Foresight. It’s a solid, simple folding knife without any extra tools except a very strong blade. If you’re looking for a good multitool, check out the Leatherman Skeletool series.

The CRKT Foresight provides great grip with a relatively thick aluminum handle with finger grooves and just feels good in your hand. The blade makes a solid impression as well (I got the serrated one, but there’s also a plain version). The Foresight feels relatively heavy, but I see this as an advantage as it improves the overall feeling and grip for me. It has a flipper that allows you to open the blade very quickly with one hand. I was a little skeptical about this at first, but the pressure required to open the blade is just right - no chance it opens by accident in your pocket, but it goes light enough to open it easily with your index finger. Once the blade is open it’s locked absolutely solid. There’s absolutely no play between the blade and the handle, it almost feels like a fixed blade knife.

Finally there’s a clip for carrying the Foresight in or outside your pocket plus a hole for a cordon or whatever. The clip can be removed if you don’t need it (requires some disassembly).

One note about the blade: when I got my Foresight, it was very dull. I did some research and found quite contradictory information about this. Some say that CRKT knives are always delivered somewhat unsharpened, others said that theirs was perfectly sharp on arrival. I still don’t know what’s true, but I had my knife professionally sharpened for a few bucks and now it’s just perfect.

Another thing I don’t understand is the pricing. In the US you can get the Foresight for just about 80 USD on Amazon, while in Germany and other European countries it starts from 130 EUR (about 140 USD). I think it’s a great knife and still worth the money, but it just left a bad feeling having to pay almost double the price for no obvious reason.

Check CRKT Foresight prices on Amazon. Look for cheap CRKT Foresight on eBay.