An excellently designed, unnoticeable-until-you-need-it mini-multi-tool for your EDC. It’s got 20 tools in one the size of your finger, and it weighs 40 grams.

It’s called the FIXR by True Utility.

You can pry open closed windows and containers, cut open boxes, fix a bike tire, repair your eyeglasses, unscrew just about any average screw or nut, strip wires, measure & draw straight lines, sharpen a metal blade, and open a beer to celebrate a memorable day - with nothing more than the FIXR.

“Is it the best micro-keyring tool? Possibly.” - Alex’s review on Pocket Sized

It’s one of those little things that seems to come in handy 5 times a day. After a couple weeks, you don’t even notice you have it - it’s just something you use all the time, like your glasses or your phone. And at $16, there’s no other multitool this useful for this cheap on the market.

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